Fortress Stradey Remains Unconquered.

Llanelli have remained unbeaten at Stradey Park for 2 whole years. “This is a proud record across all tournaments, but it is one that we are working hard to keep” said a triumphant Nigel Davies yesterday. “We’ve taken on all comers this year and haven’t lost a single home game…… Stradey.” he added bullishly.

Stephen “Stephen” Jones has issued a challenge to all the other Welsh regiochises. “He’ve got one hell of a home record. Come and beat us (at Stradey) if you think you’re man enough for the job. I tell you something. YOU’RE NOT!!!!!! That’s right Ospreys, there’s no WAY you’re beating us ever again (at Stradey).”

In this reporter’s view, those are brave words. From a brave man.

New Zealand Celebrates Founding of First City

Today marks a brand new dawn for the country of New Zealand. The first city ever to be founded in this once not-that-great country is to get a royal seal of approve. That’s an actual seal. Who will lead the applause. The city, New Zealand City will house many of this people’s art such as a house made out of glitter and pasta and another crayon drawing of what appears to be some people standing in the rain in a plastic coat. The event is to be attended by Princess Sophie’s cousin and Tiger Wood’s caddy’s aunt. New Zealand Brass Band will both be present to provide the music if anyone can lend them some instruments. Preferably brass ones.