Will Carling to Model New Wales Kit

The WRU have hit back at critics of its bold decision to launch the new Wales kit by having Will Carling pictured in it. “Will brings together a lot of what it means to be Welsh. Someone who isn’t French and whose name starts with ‘W’, just like ‘W’ales.” said Roger Lewis to a reporter who you could clearly see was just itching to slap him.

The WRU also got support from Under Armor, the US based kit suppliers. “Gee, you all in Welshashire sure know a GREEE-ATE kit when you see one. YEEE HAH! And doun yer juust love it when the Welshiest colours of them all, blue and silver, are part of the away kit.” said Dwight Fecalmahter III inbetween bites of some grits covered in maple syrup. On rye. Over easy.