Broken Down

So, the internationals are at an end – for now – France are Grand Slam champions (once more) all-conquering in a six nations following a Lions tour (strange that).
Our attention returns to domestic matters, back to the principality, back to the Magners League.
What do we find? What do we hear? The people speak of a mythical battle; a bird to slay a dragon?
How big the bird? How small the Dragon?
Looking back you will see the dragon’s lair is a proud hunting ground; somewhere to be feared – for here the Dragon is (almost) undefeated, only a single loss to the “Tinopolis of Welshness”, the Scarlets, and even then it was a fight to the death.
Recent mixed fortunes against the Celts across the sea leave the beast hungry for more…

But what of the bird? With its feathers preened and it talons freshly sharpened by returning internationals, will it have the taste for such a fiery fight, or will its head be turned by the promise of a tastier morsel in France?
Fight or flight? That seems to be the question most in need of answering here. A refusal to meet the Red Hand and suffering from that most recent of Welsh traits – neglecting to play for 50 minutes, 50 minutes during which time your opposition have won the game.

So what is it to be? “Flight of fancy” or “Dragon’s roar”? Will the Ospreys swoop to kill or The Men of Gwent rally to the call?
This being a Welsh Derby expect a ground-out, error-strewn, forward slog at a sodden Rodney Parade.
Rugby for the purist if you will… but to whom the spoils?

Referee: Nigel Owens (WRU); Scarlets win.

Saturday 6.30pm – your armchair awaits…

Bostick to Sponsor Celtic League

News that cider duty will soon increase by a whopping 10% above inflation has provoked Magners Ltd to default on its sponsorship agreement with the Celtic League with immediate effect.  “Our fermented apple squelch has gone up-market now,” burped a spokesman.  “We can now consider ourselves a high-brand, prestige drink like…AfterShock.”

“We are proud to announce a new sponsorship package with Bostick, the leading brand for teenage solvent abuse,” boasted Jeremy So-and-so, Celtic League person.  “Rugby is family entertainment after all.  In any case, we were suffering with the negative connotations of our previous partnership with an alcoholic drinks business, especially one where it can now cost upwards of a fiver to get off your face.”