Welsh Beer Fan Distracted by Rugby at Millennium Stadium

Yesterday, Welsh beer enthusiast, Dewi Sdrunk, was inconvenienced while getting up to get some beer for the fifth time during the Wales v Scotland 6 Nations match.

“All I wanted to do is go to the bar while it was quiet and all these people’s legs were in the way” exslurred Dewi. “To tell you the truth, this is one of the worst pubs I’ve been too. True, there are loads of seats, but you can only sit in one and it costs £60 to get in. And no one wants to talk to me about how crap I think that Henson is and they are like all looking away towards the centre of the stadium and blanking me. I mean what’s with that?”

Sdrunk later complained about the price of entry into the Philharmonic. “£6!!! What am I, a millionnaire?? Someone should tell these people that money doesn’t go on trees.”