Derek the Weatherman “I’m straight”

Straight.  Fact
Straight. Fact



Wales was again rocked last night after one of it’s most loved superstars made shocking revelations about their sexuality.  Derek “the weatherman” Brockway, much loved star of such shows as BBC Wales 6:30 news and BBC Wales 9:30 news, announced that he was straight.


“Straight as a dye” he told a stunned news conference, “you know, girls and stuff”.


Visibly stunned newsreader Kevin Owens said “that’s taken the wind right out of my sails.  That’s the last time me and Max have him round for a barbeque”, adding “never in a million years”.


Asked what prompted him to make the news public Derek cited the recent actions of former Wales captain Gareth Thomas.  “Not the brave stance he’s taken over declaring his sexuality to a possibly hostile public” said Derek “more because he kept nudging me on Facebook and asking me round for drinks.  I just thought the time had come to set the record straight”.