Wales to beat New Zealand – Believe

Right, it’s like this.

The All Blacks are coming and we’ve got a chance of beating them, same as all the other times we’ve had a chance and then blown it. Some of you may be old enough to remember the golden age of Welsh rugby, some of you won’t. Most of you will remember the age of crap from the 70’s onwards where we lost to not only New Zealand but also everyone else, including Western Samoa, Italy, Canada and Romania. Even the most optimistic amongst will, at some stage, have thought to yourself that Wales were a load of crap and written off their chances ahead of another big game. The players looked like they’d done the same.

Back when I played rugby we always spoke about believing we were going to win. Looking round the dressing room you could always tell who really believed it and who thought we were going to lose. When there were more of the latter we generally lost. All the great teams (New Zealand, South Africa, the Kuwait Nomads) they all believe that they’re going to win. Always. They have an unwavering belief in themselves. Even if they’re down by a few points they never lose that confidence and generally it works out for them. So for Wales to win on Saturday they need to believe. Every player on the pitch needs to know, without doubt, that he’s better than his opposite number and that Wales are going to win. And the players can’t do that if we, the supporters, don’t believe.

So here’s the thing. For this week BELIEVE that Wales are going to win. Live it, breathe it, know that they are going to do it. Remember the glory of 2005 and 2008, remember how good it felt when the boys done good. We’ve got the talent, we’ve got the size and we can beat anyone. Tell your mates, spread the word, Wales are going to win. Believe, believe, believe.

Shanklin Just Can’t Stop Talking About “The Wire”

Cardiff RFC, Cardiff Blues, Wales and Lions centre/wing/Duracell bunny Tom Shanklin can’t stop talking about the HBO hit, ‘The Wire’. “I’ve never been to Baltimore in my life, but that’s EXACTLY how it is” explained Tom. “I was due to go out to play in South Africa for the Lions but luckily I got injured and was able to stay up ridiculously late every week night to watch it. Did you know that the guy who played Omar is from Hackney or something? I heard they were going to give the part to Danny Dyer but it clashed with him writing a column for Zoo” enthused Gareth Thomas lookalike Shanklin. “And then when !!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!! Went and killed ***************** that was so cool especially as he was ******************* in the head!!!!!!!! That’s just mixed up, crazy ass stuff right there. Mo’ def” claimed Shanklin, unrealistically.

EA Rugby 2010 Game Cheats Revealed.

It was revealed today that if you type in C H E A T S as your team name for upcoming EA Rugby 2010, you can chose to play as Munster. Other hidden features include:

* Playing London Irish as a team made up of Irish players with a home venue in London

* Choosing Wayne Barnes as ref means that you can pass the ball forward when playing against the All Blacks.

* Pressing Kick once and Tackle twice allows you to play Gavin Henson for either the Ospreys or Wales but not the Lions or during World Cup matches.

* Tannoy announcements of Ryan Jones can be made to pronounce his name as RYYYYYYAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN JOOOOOOOOONNNESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!1

* Losing the ability to pick any Fijian, Samoan, Tongan or Cook Islander to play for New Zealand.

* Typing circle, square and cross at the same time switches the teams to Conference rules.

* Typing RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT means you can choose to play in the Gwlad Canterbury kit

Gordon Brown Solves National Debt Problem

Under fire Chancel……Prime Minister Gordon Brown has unveiled his new plan to get Britain back on track financially. In a break from tradition, the Scarlets are to pay back all the money they’ve taken from the WRU directly into the Treasury. “This won’t just deal with our debt, we’ll also buy some more banks, reduce all income tax to 10% and rid the world of poverty” said the Loser-in-Chief, yesterday. The left over money is believed to be enough to cure all known diseases, some unknown diseases and some diseases that you know but which you haven’t kept in touch with in a long time, you see it’s so busy with kids, they take up all your time and when you’ve finally got them to bed and off to sleep you’ve only got the energy to sit in front of the telly and veg out for a bit. You still living in Bath? Oh, you moved in 1997. Doesn’t time fly?