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The 12 Fails of Christmas Day 8: Irish eyes are smiling… in derision

Andy’s expert analysis of Irish rugby is renowned across the globe.


‘Wales possess better players than Ireland, full stop’

A line Howell wrote in November was ‘Wales possess better players than Ireland, full stop’ (again repeating a habit of regularly rounding off dubious statements with some variation of ‘end of story’, ‘end of debate’, ‘full stop’ etc). In the same month also rated the Welsh XV at 115, nearly on a par with his rating of the All Blacks XV at 116.

Both were pretty delusional assessments of the sides’ strength (following on from Western Mail tradition of delusional assessments making the nation a laughing stock to the wider world, which last year included Wales being rated as superior to England’s class of 2003, or this year ‘Gatland’s Wales’ rated in a top 20 international teams of all time), and indeed both nations in question beat Wales convincingly this year.

Strangely though, a few days later Howell forgot his piece of idiocy claiming Wales had players on a par with the All Blacks contradicting himself again with ‘perhaps the real reason Wales haven’t beaten any of rugby’s kingpins might be as simple as our players not being quite good enough’.