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The 12 Fails of Christmas: Day 12 – the Pacific Rim

The final window on Andy’s advent calendar of shame has been opened to reveal… his tenuous grasp of geography…

‘IRB should change residency qualification to minimum of 5 years’ then NZ would not be ‘as good’

Trust someone as ill-informed as Howell to bring out the old ‘poaching’ myth.

‘NZ bring on their latest IMPORT IRB should change residency qualification to minimum of 5yrs’ Howell tweeted, and then added ‘they would still be a major force but not as good’ if it were not for ‘poaching’.

There are only 2 Pacific Island born players in the All Blacks current squad; neither would be barred by a 5 year qualification period either (including Jerome Kaino who migrated aged 4), so how exactly they would be ‘not as good’ is anybody’s guess.

Howell added ‘guilty Kiwis very sensitive on subject’, more likely they just think he’s an utter clown, something they themselves are used with their own press with Chris Rattue, the New Zealand version of Howell.