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The 12 Fails of Christmas: Day 3 – ‘The positive supporter of regional rugby’

Day 3 of our festive countdown of the best moments of the Western Mail’s greatest rugby writer brings us a bold claim about his support for the Welsh regions.

‘The MOST positive supporter of regional rugby end of story’
In September Howell wrote “I’ve been a staunch defender of the Pro12 and there hasn’t been a lot wrong with it,” talking of how great it was.

Separately, Howell has also responded to accusations of an agenda against regions with tweets such as ‘I’ve been the MOST positive supporter of regional rugby in our office, end of story’, and even ‘I prefer regional rugby to most Tests’.

However sample tweets from the self-proclaimed ‘MOST positive support of regional rugby’ this season include:

Boring rubbish and I’ve got to write 800 words on it, help!

Teams and ref are rubbish, standard can’t get much worse, you can see better and more committed rugby in lower leagues!

He also claimed he was ‘nodding off’ during an Ospreys v Connacht game, and asked David Campese ‘why’s the standard so bad?’ during a Cardiff Blues/Munster game.

He also once replied to a tweeter with, ‘you think I’d still be watching this game if I wasn’t paid to do so?’

But there ‘hasn’t been a lot wrong’ with the league apparently. Curiously, the ‘Pro12 is great’ narrative happened to coincide with a period of European deadlock and an Anglo-Welsh League being mooted, as Howell goaded ‘Pro12 haters’ (ironically) who preferred that option, and tweets included ‘terrific effort from Drags, atmosphere sounded good, nice to see a decent crowd, who needs an AW?’

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